Tarot & Oracle Readings


Firebird is home to some incredible and unique card readers, each offering apt guidance from the universe & channelled wisdom for the present moment, via tarot readings + cartomancy consultations.



Elisia Guerena

Elisia works with the Tarot through an earth based, healing-centric lens, that integrates wisdom from other master traditions. Buddhism, paganism, Native American medicine, Chinese medicine, astrology, and Goddess-based medicine all contribute to her practice.

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Paola Guerrero

Paola is a certified reiki practitioner, shamanic ceremonialist, cartomancer and certified yoga instructor, trained in Social Emotional Learning and Feeling (S.E.L.F), as a wellness/mindfulness practitioner. She is a lifelong student of esoteric studies, blending her intuitive gifts with arcane wisdom to facilitate multi-dimensional alchemical healing.

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