Tarot Readings


Elisia works directly with Source in order to deliver messages intended for personal nourishment and your highest spiritual growth.

My readings use the Tarot as a diagnostic tool for revealing the energetic underpinnings of your current experiences and circumstances. Through exploring the dynamic forces at play in your life—from past experiences to current environments to your own unique perspective—I help guide your Spirit into recognition and communion with its pure, original self. In this illuminated union, we find the practical wisdom for addressing your daily and overarching needs. My readings will frequently bestow holistic guidance that is tailored specially for you, so that you may practice continued awareness and receive support outside our our session.

I’m available to work with you on a single or ongoing basis.


About Elisia

Elisia Guerena

Elisia works with the Tarot through an earth based, healing-centric lens, that integrates wisdom from other master traditions. Buddhism, paganism, Native American medicine, Chinese medicine, astrology, and Goddess-based medicine all contribute to her practice.

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