Big News for 2019!

To our beloved Root Mamma community- we have big news! As of January 2019, Root Mamma is now known as Firebird Healing Arts Alliance! What does this change for you? Not much! We are the same sweet space in the same sweet location, with the same wonderful community of practitioners offering their services with us. We are excited about unveiling this new aspect of our identity and hope that you are too! We look forward to seeing you in our space soon <3

Our Mission

The mission of the Firebird Healing Arts Alliance is to provide opportunities for deep healing and transformation for all.

We believe in the resiliency of the human spirit, and in each person’s innate ability to cultivate peace & healing within themselves. Our aim is to nurture this spark of life, support you through your challenges and triumphs, and to create spaces for that fire of self-love and authentic expression to grow within your heart.

We are a platform for emerging and established teachers & healers to offer their unique gifts and services. Our aim is to cater to a wide audience, and to connect folks with the teachers and healing modalities that best suit their individual spirits and needs. We offer many donation-based and sliding scale events for our community, as well as speciality workshops, trainings, retreats, corporate wellness programs, and private healing services.

More about us…

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