What is Reiki?


 Universal Life-Force Energy

 "Reiki is a simple method of hands-on healing rediscovered in the 1920s by Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan. Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner and into the person being treated, enhancing and accelerating the natural healing processes. Reiki helps to restore balance and harmony, and promotes the relaxation response."
- William Lee Rand

Reiki is a positive universal life force energy which can encourage healing, balance, comfort, and clarity.

Being a pure and positive white light energy, Reiki has the ability to aid in healing in the emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical realms.

During a standard session, the practitioner will gently place hands on different areas of your body, channeling this energy to initiate deep healing, aid in balancing chakras, and clearing out energetic blockages. It is also an option for the practitioner to hover their hands, if you prefer not to be touched.

Firebird offers private Reiki Healing treatments, as well as Reiki Level 1 + 2 certification trainings.